Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Now Watching Episode 1-2: Marriage, Not Dating Korean Drama

Annyeonghaseyo! ^_^ Oh my, it's been a while since I did a post here (read more on  ^_^). Aissh, so many dramas, so little time. Anyhow, I just want to keep this site alive. I chanced upon this new drama from tvN, it stars Yeon Woo Jin, who I remember from Arang and Magistrate. He played Joo wal. My, my, I'm mighty loving him!

Episode 1 and 2 are awesome. I'm hooked! I feel the love! I haven't seen Han Groo in any drama yet, she plays Joo Jang Mi, but I'm keen on checking out some of her dramas, which are not actually yet a lot. But she plays her part real well, not going overboard on things that needs to be acted out silly or funny. She cries so well too, I can feel her sincerity.

Of course, I'm currently into Lee Joon Gi (my love) current drama, Joseon Gunman, I'm into Hotel King too, and a whole lot more. Yay, so many dramas, so little time to blog! Let me know what you think! #FanGirlTalk Cheers! ^_^

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