Thursday, August 4, 2011

You've Fallen For Me Episode 7 is Love! ;)

Hi! As always, I've been neglecting this site for so long, because I'm concentrating on my banner blog site. Just to jumpstart my postings here, I would briefly tell you what Korean Drama is keeping me giddy and young at heart. It's You've Fallen For Me or Heartstrings. ;-D Yes, finally, I can actually keep track of the episodes on My Soju.  I did a prelude of this here.

The sparks started on Episode 7 for You've Fallen For Me. ;-D
No spoilers intended, I just wanted to tell you to keep watching till Episode 7, and after that you'll be wanting for more. Initially, I kept dilly dallying the previous episodes, because the only thing that keeps me glued is my admiration of Park Shin Hye's hair style, whom I take my inspiration for my new hair do. ;-D

This is the hair of Park Shin Hye that I love. ;-D This is a screen cap from Episode 8. ;-D
So yes, I want more of this drama now. ;-D

Photos: Dramabeans, Screen Cap. and Episode 8 My Soju Screen Cap.

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