Saturday, December 24, 2011

Must Watch KDramas for 2011

Annyeonghaseyo!;-D I just want share to you two of my favorite Korean Dramas for 2011. Naturally, City Hunter of Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young has to be in the must watch drama list. Of course, Lee Min Ho is the man! It would be airing soon on ABS CBN, so no surprise here. But I just want to share my ravings for two Korean dramas of 2011, The Princess' Man and Flower Boy Ramyun.

So crazy addicted to Moon Chae Won and Park Shi Hoo in The Princess' Man. Love, love, love! ;-D
I can't help but do my share of ravings for this KDrama in my main site. My, my, I spent three re-runs of this. So that's more or less 72 hours of my life devoted to this drama alone. I find myself falling head over heals in love to Park Shi Hoo too. By the way, I just watched the whole fanfare via Needless to say, Park Shi Hoo is in Iljimae too, which stars Lee Jun Ki, but Park Shi Hoo is such a sweetheart in his other dramas too. On a different note, I'm joining the countdown to JoonGi's army service release coming very very very soon! Yay! ;-D I hope he gets a good drama asap. ;-D

Flower Boy Ramyun for the win!!! :-D
Another must watch drama is Flower Boy Ramyun with Jung Il Woo (Return of Iljimae, 49 Days etc.). Truth be told, I haven't seen any drama yet with Lee Chung Ah, the lead actress in the drama, but she'll not disappoint. ;-D Having Lee Ki Woo is also a refreshing add on. So yes, ramyun is it! ;-D I don't want to preempt, but I'm literally laughing, smiling, and grinning like crazy. Haha! Read on more about it here, or watch it also via Dramacrazy. ;-D

There's actually more Korean Dramas not to miss, The Musical with Daniel Choi and Gu Hye Sun is also one. Albeit, it's a once a week episode, so it's a bit losing its momentum. But oh well, thank you South Korea for these beautiful drama creations of yours. I love, love, love everything Korean (well almost all!) ;-D You truly make me want to visit very very very soon. 2012 Aja! Aja! Fighting! ;-D

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Skin Food Giveaway

Hi! I would like to invite you on another ongoing Korean Cosmetics Giveaway. I'm hosting this on my main blog site. Skin Food Philippines is collaborating with me on celebrating some blog milestones. :-D

Read here for more details. :-D
I've been very busy amassing Korean goodies lately. And I'm also following several Asian dramas. I hope to be back with another drama post very soon. Have a great day! Be 'write' back! :))

Monday, August 15, 2011

Korea Cosmetics Giveaway

I'm sharing my Korean Cosmetics Haul to one lucky reader of my Mommy/Beauty Site. ;-D
I've actually been very busy on my main blog, that I was happy to cross my 300th post mark. For it, I decided to make it a giveaway post, which I hope is a lot more fun and an interesting read. This open to those who have a shipping address to the Philippines. Included in the loot are BB Creams trial packs from my now favorite BB cream brand, The Skin Shop. ;-D If you want to try for yourself those amazingly great Korean beauty care brands, head over to my main blog site. Please click here.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

You'e Fallen For Me Episode 13

Shin is one of the best boyfriend ever in KDrama land. :-D
Annyeong! :-D Here's a quick pit stop about You've Fallen For Me. It's now on its 13th episode, 2 more to go and it's done. I'm really having a great time watching this drama. Although, it has an overall lighter mood versus the usual dramas I loved, say My Girl, Princess Hours or ever You're Beautiful. The difference, is probably the main focus of the drama are the equally adorable leads, and they're involvement on the 100th Anniversary show. It's fast pace, and conflicts have a way of resolving themselves without being too melodrama.

Sweet! ;-D
It's enough to keep me waiting for the drama recaps, and too watch the episodes online. But I'm not really sure if this is a drama that I'll care to do re runs afterwards. But Park Shin Hye is a beauty here, as again. And Jung Yong-Hwa is equally adorable. Two more episodes, and the then we'll see. Thank goodness, there's Scent of a Woman to supplement a love story more of my generation. ;-D

Image Credits: Dramabeans Episode 13 Screencaps

Thursday, August 4, 2011

You've Fallen For Me Episode 7 is Love! ;)

Hi! As always, I've been neglecting this site for so long, because I'm concentrating on my banner blog site. Just to jumpstart my postings here, I would briefly tell you what Korean Drama is keeping me giddy and young at heart. It's You've Fallen For Me or Heartstrings. ;-D Yes, finally, I can actually keep track of the episodes on My Soju.  I did a prelude of this here.

The sparks started on Episode 7 for You've Fallen For Me. ;-D
No spoilers intended, I just wanted to tell you to keep watching till Episode 7, and after that you'll be wanting for more. Initially, I kept dilly dallying the previous episodes, because the only thing that keeps me glued is my admiration of Park Shin Hye's hair style, whom I take my inspiration for my new hair do. ;-D

This is the hair of Park Shin Hye that I love. ;-D This is a screen cap from Episode 8. ;-D
So yes, I want more of this drama now. ;-D

Photos: Dramabeans, Screen Cap. and Episode 8 My Soju Screen Cap.


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