Sunday, September 5, 2010

♥Jang Keun Suk's Last FM in Seoul♥

Thanks to my eel friends I was actually able to get pictures from them of the just ended Jang Keun Suk's Last FM in posted on various social network accounts of JKS' fans! :-)

As for me, again, so near yet so far! Wish upon my STAR! Dream a little dream...♥♥♥
Thanks to Jangkeunsukcri and Jang Geun Suk's FB account

♥Jang Keun Suk♥

It looks so much fun! The FM was a blast! As expected, I'm pretty sure he just made everyone fall truly & madly in ♥  over and over to him! Fainting Spells galore! :-) ...also for the encore, he sang Promise (You're Beautiful  (YAB) OST)! I really truly ♥ the YAB OST...I'm even trying to learn Without Words lyrics! :-) ...just maybe, wishing & hoping, I could actually understand and speak Korean. 

Looking forward to more updates on the coming days! Unconfirmed info tells that his A.N.JELL family also attended the FM...hopefully we get pictures soon! Saranghae!♥♥♥


Recent updates from those who are so lucky to make it in the FM, showed pictures that A.N.JELL made it! ♥ Although Lee Hong Ki (Jeremy) came in late...A.N.JELL rocks! ♥♥♥

Via: ladymoon29

Via: Ladymoon29



Rechie said...

Oh My JKS, one of my idols...he is sooooooouper cute...ngluluwang garter ng undies ko sa kacute-an ng smile nitong totoy na to heheheh

Unknown said...

oh my! we have the same passion JGS and KDramas!


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