Thursday, September 2, 2010

♥Baby and I Movie♥

This is another lovable movie from Jang Keun Suk. This is Beethoven Virus meets You're Beautiful's Jang Keun Suk character. It's a funny movie with a lot of ♥! :-) Plus the baby is so cute! You can't help falling in ♥ with him just as JKS' character did.

The movie is about Joon-soo (Jang Geun-suk), becoming a student father. Han Joon-su is a tough 18 year old high school kid. He's also lucky to be born with money. He drives a posh motorcycle while armed with his killer smiles and looks! (Awww!) But trouble seems to always find him. He does so in defending his friends. Which made Joon-su's parents to decide to go out of town to teach him a lesson for being irresponsible. With this is cancelling his credit card and leaving him with only little money for spending. Instead of feeling terrible and lonesome, a party is called over their house. He goes shopping and comes upon an unexpected surprise- a baby sitting in a shopping basket wearing the name tag "Han Wooram" and points to Joon-soo as his father! Still unsure, he takes the baby home and thereon starts his adventures with him.
Joon-soo ♥ Wooram
At first, he was trying to get rid of him, by trying to leave him in a dumpster. He also accidentally left him in the metro, but ultimately decided to go back for him. As the movie progressed, you can see him learning to take responsibility for him and eventually caring and loving for him.

♥Star/Love Stuck Kim Byeol♥
At the first part of the movie, he met Kim Byeol. She is a very smart girl from a very big family. She was star/love struck with Joon-Su. She considers herself as one of Joon-Soo's BFF's. So she helps out in baby sitting and uses her wit to make sure that the school administration will not expel him from having a baby. I love her character too. She is so cool! Especially at the last part! I wish I could be that lucky and hearty with a lot of guts! Kisses! ♥ her much! :-)

The movie showcases, as always, Jang Keun Suk's talent and charm! The movie comes also with an unexpected twist. This is a definitely a feel good movie!♥♥♥ 

♥ Baby & I Korean Movie: Another Jang Keun Suk's Movie ♥
Watch it online at c/o Daily Motion! :-)

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